CCTV in Kutch may Reduce Terrorist Attack Threat in Gujarat

Published: 15th February 2011
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Gujarat has become prone to terrorist activities after the 2002 Gujarat riots. Cross border initiated terrorism rose extensively. Gujarat suffered major terrorist attacks like Akshardham temple attack, Ahmedabad serial bomb blast case, etc. Failed terror attempts were innumerable. It is believed that the root to these terrorist activities was the involvement of enemy countries. Terrorists allegedly enter the state and other parts of the country through the coastline of Kutch for carrying out terrorist operations. The Arabian Sea offers an easy entrée to foreign extremists. It has become necessary to guard the coastline of the state for the security of the state.

CCTV security cameras in Kutch may help in surveillance of the marine border. High quality CCTV cameras cover a wide distance while monitoring. Some CCTV cameras may also be used for night-vision. Any offshore entree can be detected easily if the coastal areas of Kutch are equipped with CCTV security cameras. CCTV cameras have successfully traced criminal activities in the past. In the very same manner, it can also spot suspicious activities along the coastline.

Every now and then, news of Pakistani nationals entering the country could be heard. They make use of marine area to illegally enter the state. Unexpected Pakistani boats are found in the Indian ports often. Kutch is a sensitive area. A water wing has been constituted for the Border Security Force for close examination of the coastal border. However, human surveillance cannot be as effective as a CCTV installed in the Kutch coastal borders. Human beings have limitation! Machines do not face this problem. CCTV security cameras can monitor the entire maritime border of Kutch more accurately.

Many times other country nationals entering the state through Kutch successfully bypass the BSF personnel. Many times, their boats are caught, but they manage to escape. Installing a CCTV in the Kutch coastal areas will leave the identity of the intruder in the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Police may easily track down the intruder if their face is captured by the CCTV camera. CCTV in Kutch borders along the coast may thus, prevent a possible terrorist attack.

Kutch has hardly seen a terrorist attack itself. However, it paves the path for terrorist attacks in other parts of the country. Some years back, Gujarat Police deactivated a terrorist organization operating in the country. It used to smuggle fake currency, arms and ammunition, and narcotics through the Mandvi port in Kutch. Many Pakistani boats entering illegally into Indian border are seized at the Sir Creek area of Kutch district. Under such circumstances, installing a CCTV camera at the coastal border of Kutch is not only advisable, but also important. CCTV video security camera system in Kachchh Bhuj is important for the security of the whole country; and not just Gujarat!

CCTV camera is the new face of modern age security system. Use of CCTV surveillance to fight terrorist threats is a common practice in the developed countries. Gujarat being an easy and regular target for 'jihad' terrorists, CCTV in Kutch is desirable and recommended!

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